Go Beyond Valley of Death via OISP

Wednesday, September 18
10:50am to 11:05am



Founded in 1973, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is Taiwan’s largest and one of the world’s unique high-tech applied research institutions. These include the first Carbon fiber for Giant Bicycles, NB & key components, TSMC’s first IC foundry. It is committed to utilizing its R&D results to drive industrial development and create economic value. It also launched the Open Lab/Incubator projects to nurture startups and emerging high-tech industries. Since its inception, ITRI has incubated more than 280 startups and spinoffs, accelerating the growth of global economy.

ITRI has been driving innovation and promoting forward-looking technological advances in three major application domains: Smart Living, Quality Health, and Sustainable Environment.
In response to rapid changes and increasing uncertainty, ITRI established an Open Innovation System Platform (OISP) that involves integrating internal and external knowledge and expertise into the innovative process. The cross-discipline collaboration with domestic and global partners speeds up the rate of innovation and commercialization, enabling an effective way to go beyond valley of death.
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