Our future is about technology and choices

Wednesday, September 18
10:20am to 10:35am


  • Our future is about technology and choices If we look towards the next decades, there is a lot of room for optimism. But our world also faces major challenges: hunger, climate change, air pollution, diseases, ... Can technology provide answers to those challenges? Certainly, nanoelectronics and digital technologies have the power to transform our future. Take one of the biggest problems of our time: climate change. Technological solutions range from photovoltaics and battery technology to transistor architecture innovations that allow for increased performance with reduced power consumption. But technology can also help us to evolve towards a low-carbon lifestyle. IoT sensors, wearables and artificial intelligence will alter the ways we produce our food, balance our meals, monitor our health and move around in smart cities. Holography will most likely reduce our need for travel altogether. So technology is getting ready to support a range of possible scenarios for a carbonless future – including the necessary security and privacy safeguards. Now it’s up to society to choose the paths it wants to take.

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