SMART Workforce Pavilion

SMART Workforce Pavilion




                       10:30-11:30        Student Tour

                        13:30-16:00        SEMI High-Tech U Program  





                       11:00-12:00        Student Tour
                         13:00-15:00        Talent Development Forum
                         15:00-16:00        SEMI Ambassador Networking                                                           +Student Lucky Draw 




                       10:00-11:30        Women-in-Tech Forum 

                        11:30-12:30        Student Tour 

                        13:00-15:00        SEMI Talent Forum

                        15:30                    Lucky Draw



SMART Workforce Pavilion 



9/18  13:00-15:00/Booth #I3216, SMART Workforce Pavilion, 1F, TaiNEX 1

SEMI HTU Program

After attending an HTU program, students understand the education and career pathways that will lead them to high-tech fields, allowing them to make informed education and career choices. The SEMI Foundation commits to helping high school students gain a better understanding of how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are used to solve “real-world” problems. This realization fosters a renewed commitment to explore a future in high-tech industries.


9/19  13:00-15:00/Booth #I3216, SMART Workforce Pavilion, 1F, TaiNEX 1 

Talent Development Program

The SMART Workforce Pavilion is where you’ll find the information you need to see where you fit in, and access the resources to get in the game and jumpstart your career. Come and network with industry professionals, discover career options and learn how you can contribute to the growth of an exciting industry.

Meet the Expert Stage you will see Talent Development Program with experts from Micron, TEL, Airoha, Spirox to discuss about “ How to Land on the Dream Job and Change the Future”. Join us to register and network with these experts!



9/20 10:00-11:30/Booth #I3216, Smart Workforce Pavilion, 1F, TaiNEX 1

Women-in-Tech Forum


Our industry’s future success is dependent on innovation, diversity and inclusion of the best ideas in the world. Panelists from various categories comprising suppliers and customers will discuss key challenges they encountered, success stories, and ideas for how each company can increase ownership diversity across the semiconductor industry. Join us to understand more about “Empowering Women in the Future” at Women-in-Tech Forum!



9/20  13:00-15:25/Booth #I3216, SMART Workforce Pavilion, 1F, TaiNEX 1

SEMI Talent Forum


How do you prepare for a 21st century workforce? How to be competitive in the Era of Digital Transformation? SEMI Talent Forum will focus on developing what we can do to be ready in the career and how to attract and retain the best talent in the industry to lead the future!




Booth #I3216, SMART Workforce Pavilion, 1F, TaiNEX 1

       TALENT MATCHING         

  • Resume checkup and mock interviews can help jobseekers develop outstanding capabilities.
  • Professional coaching and tailor-made advice on career opportunities
  • Matching you to the right companies and highlighting your existence with greater visibility


  • Job board that lists some of the industry’s hottest job vacancies
  • An introduction on SEMI High Tech U
  • Information about the evolution of the semiconductor industry



Global Talents Acquisition in Taiwan’s Semiconductor & IoT Industry​


Booth #I3216, Smart Workforce Pavilion, 1F, TaiNEX 1

Global Talents Acquisition in Taiwan’s Semiconductor & IoT Industry​


Smart Electornics Industry Promotion Office, SIPO co-located with SMART Workforce Pavilion to provide Job Opportunities in Semiconductor and IOT Industry Talent Matching to connect talents with Taiwan companies: Realtek, Global Unichip, Advanced Analog Technology, MXIC, Winbond and Nuvoton..etc to provide you the chance to join in the industry! Please click on the link for more information:


SEMICON Taiwan 2019 

Individual Registration   Group Registration




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Please download the “group registration” excel and fill in. Then kindly email to semi.workforce@gmail.com to complete the registration.

For more information please contact:

SEMI Taiwan

 Ms. Marvis Wu

TEL: 886.3.560.1777 EXT. 303

Email: mwu@semi.org                                           


More information about Semicon Taiwan 2020 will be updated



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