Mr. James Lin 林京沛



Education: ​

Master, Information Management, National Central University​


  • Deputy Division Director of Smart Manufacturing Division, UMC.​

  • Co-chair of Smart Manufacturing Committee, SEMI Taiwan.​

  • Industrial AI new technology adoption and Smart Manufacturing application development. ​

  • AI, Big Data analytics, Cloud platform, PHM, WTW, APC/AEC.​​​


James is the Deputy Division Director of Smart Manufacturing in UMC, where he focus on Industrial AI new technology adoption, Smart Manufacturing application development, and support cross site application deployment and operation.​

He is also the co-chair of Smart Manufacturing Committee in SEMI Taiwan.​

Prior to joining UMC SMG in 2017, he was the department manager of Manufacturing Technology Division in UMC, focusing on Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Text Mining, FDC, R2R APC, VM, WTW (Wait Time Waste), PHM (so called PdM, Prognostic Health Management), and machine/computer vision.​

Earlier, he served in IT CIM department and held process control committee in UMC, where he focused on MES, RTD, AEC/APC, and equipment automation.

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