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3D InCites is an online media resource that covers the whole advanced packaging conversation from heterogeneous integration to the IoT, MEMS, sensors, and more. As a community, 3D InCites brings to life the people, the personalities, and the minds behind these technologies in a uniquely personal way. The goal is to inform key decision-makers about progress in technology development, design, standards, infrastructure, and implementation. Subscribe at www.3dincites.com.

AZoNano is the leading online publication for the nanotechnology community; educating a worldwide audience of researchers, engineers and scientists with the latest industry news, information and insights from the Nanotechnology industry. Visit www.azonano.com.

Bodo’s Power Systems is the Magazine for Power Electronics Engineers. Launched in June 2006, Bodo’s Power Systems magazine provides technical articles for systems design engineers in Power Electronics, Power Management, Power Conversion, and Intelligent and Embedded Motion Control. Serving now about 40000 subscribers, worldwide, in English, it is in print 12 times a year, available via www.bodospower.com, and in two basic e-news-letters every month.

Since 2006, Bodo’s Power magazine has been one of the world’s leading publications for Power Electronics, Power Management, Power Conversion, Intelligent and Embedded Motion Control markets for systems design engineers. Bodo’s Power arrived in China in March 2012 and successfully brings international news, information and feature stories to the world’s fastest growing market place. Bodo’s Power China is available in print and electronic format, as well as offering a monthly eFlyer for the latest news. More information is available at www.dldz360.com.

Chip Scale Review is the preeminent global magazine leading the way in middle-end and back-end technologies for advanced semiconductors.  CSR showcases industry leaders with exclusive editorial content that includes in-depth technical articles by leading industry technologists, market forecasts and updates from veteran industry analysts, research institutions, industry news, events and reviews. Also featured are international directories of equipment manufacturers, materials suppliers and service providers. Visit www.ChipScaleReview.com.

CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY is the leading magazine exclusively serving the electronics assembly market. It covers surface-mount and mixed-technology; lead-free production and compliance; materials; screen printing; component placement; soldering; rework; test and inspection; process control; data management and more. The magazine’s 32,000 subscribers consist of executives, process engineers, EMS providers and OEMs. For a free subscription, visit www.circuitsassembly.com.

Compound Semiconductor has been the leading provider of news, analysis, opinion, information and services for the worldwide Compound Semiconductor industry since 1995. With the largest global circulation and history of excellence, Compound Semiconductor remains the most effective and authoritative title for the industry and a must read platform for the compound semiconductor community worldwide. Visit www.compoundsemiconductor.net.

CTIMES, a Taiwan base media, founded in 1991, have three language version of web site, English version was founded in February 2014. We focus on providing the latest technology news, emerging businesses, industry celebrities, and market analysis, is the best media for understanding Taiwan's electronics industry.

In addition to Taiwan's industry, CTIMES English also care about the development of the electronics industry in China and entire Asia, to provide more comprehensive vision to our readers. en.ctimes.com.tw

亞洲電子月刊 AEI , 1996創刊。英文月刊發行量12,000份,發行物件為3C通訊電子,照明,新能源,汽車,醫療,IoT,Robot等製造商為主。AEI焦聚在亞洲電子市場及領先創新的亞洲電子企業,報導經營者對於產業問題,解決方案和市場機會的觀點及見解。技術故事專欄揭露最新的半導體設備裝置,電子零元件和材料的最新進展。主題故事專欄關注新一代電子資訊如先進半導體技術,綠能,消費性電子等市場最新動態.主要發行地區包括馬來西亞,臺灣,新加坡,中國,菲律賓,韓國,印度,印尼等亞洲國家。www.dempa.co.jp

DIGITIMES, established in 1998, is a unique information source for readers who need to know about the supply side of the semiconductor, electronics, computer and communications industries. Daily coverage of Taiwan's IT companies and news from China and other regions provide a lifeline to industry professionals, channel players, investment analysts and media around the world. www.digitimes.com/index.asp

Global SMT & Packaging is the world’s leading technical magazine serving the electronics manufacturing industry, publishing a monthly international print edition, supported by quarterly China and South East Asia editions. The magazine also publishes websites, a daily newsletter and regional newsletters in China, Germany, South East Asia and United Kingdom/Ireland. Complementing the traditional media products, Global SMT & Packaging produces a series of Masterclass Webinars and weekly video programs, as well as panel discussions and interviews from major trade shows around the world. Visit www.globalsmt.net to subscribe or download the app.

工業技術研究院成立於1973年,以科技研發,帶動產業發展,創造經濟價值,增進社會福祉為任務;成立四十多年來,累積近3萬件專利,並新創及育成281家公司。Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is a world-leading R&D organization engaging in applied research and technical services. Founded in 1973, ITRI has played a vital role in transforming Taiwan's economy from a labor-intensive industry to an innovation-driven one. Many well-known high-tech companies in Taiwan, such as TSMC and UMC, can trace their origins to ITRI.

Photonics Media is the leading information resource in the photonics industry.  Our flagship publication, Photonics Spectra magazine, covers the science and industry of photonics.  It promotes an international dialogue among the engineers, scientists and end users who develop, commercialize and buy photonics products.  Our newest publication, Industrial Photonics, covers lasers, sensors, machine vision and automation systems for materials processing, process control, and production.  It is written for manufacturing, production, design and applications engineers, researchers and others involved in the integration of photonics technologies across a range of operations. www.photonics.com

Power Electronics World focuses on the rapidly changing technology of how we generate, manage, distribute and utilize electrical energy. More than ever, this will include examining new technologies that enable both fossil-fueled and renewable energy. We're the best resource for looking beyond product announcements for in-depth analysis that demonstrates how individuals, communities and populations are impacted by technology. Visit www.powerelectronicsworld.net.

PRINTED CIRCUIT DESIGN & FAB is the leading magazine serving the PCB design and fabrication markets. It covers the latest PCB design and fabrication technologies, techniques, processes and market conditions. The magazine's 30,000 subscribers include engineers, designers, managers, executives and fabricators at OEMs, design service bureaus and merchant/captive fabrication facilities, and their suppliers. PCD&F is free to qualified professionals. To subscribe, visit www.pcdandf.com

Introducing Semiconductor Digest, a new publication from well-known, respected semiconductor industry experts. Through a mix of news, contributed articles and staff-written articles, Semiconductor Digest is dedicated to providing global information about the design, manufacturing, packaging and testing of semiconductors and other types of electronic devices, including MEMS, LEDs, displays, power electronics, optoelectronics/photonics, biomedical devices, solar cells, thin film batteries and flexible electronics. Semiconductor Digest consists of a website, magazine and topic-focused newsletters. Visit www.semiconductordigest.com.

Silicon Semiconductor follows the semiconductor manufacturing trends, industry opportunities and announcements to provide the decision-making information our reader's need to do a difficult job in a challenging industry. SiS also provides exclusive content on the manufacturing issues affecting the industry wherever in the world it may be. With so many industry challenges on the horizon it is more important than ever to gain a worldwide perspective. Silicon Semiconductor is the catalyst for the global semiconductor community. Visit www.siliconsemiconductor.net.

《半導體芯科技》SiSC)是全球知名權威雜誌Silicon Semiconductor的「姐妹」雜誌,由香港雅時國際商訊出版,報導半導體產業新聞、深度分析和權威評論, 內容覆蓋半導體製造、先進封裝、晶片生產、IC、MEMS、FPD等,服務于中國半導體產業,從IC設計、製造、封裝到應用等方面。About Silicon Semiconductor China Silicon Semiconductor China is the ‘sister’ title to Silicon Semiconductor –the world most respected and authoritative publication, published by ACT International in Hong Kong, reports the latest news, in-depth analysis, and authoritative commentary on the semiconductor industry. It provides for Chinese semiconductor professionals with the business and technology &product information. Its editorial covers semiconductor manufacturing, advanced packaging, wafer fabrication, integrated circuits, MEMs, FPDs, etc. The publication serves Chinese semiconductor industry, from IC design, manufacture, package to application, etc

《TechOrange》為台灣專業科技線上媒體,我們追蹤全球與台灣數位創新趨勢影響下的重要產業,長期關注 AI、物聯網自動化、雲端科技與 5G 通訊技術的商業模式最新動態,以及台灣科技產業在政策、國際市場的未來發展。

TechOrange is a Taiwanese online media house focused on providing specialized knowledge on the tech industry. We follow worldwide trends in digital innovation and analyze their impact on major industry players, both in Taiwan and globally. Our primary focus lies within artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, 5G communication, global industry trends,Taiwanese industry policy development as well as the next big thing in the global market.

Over the past 26 years U.S. Tech has become the major publication for the electronics industry. We report fresh news and emphasize coverage of new products and services that can help technology in the U.S. to continue to thrive. U.S. Tech has expanded its reach to Canada, Mexico, Europe and China. We participate in all major trade conferences to further expose the publication, its advertisers, and the products and services it covers to an ever-expanding readership of decision makers. Visit www.us-tech.com.


Micro-Electronics Magazine is the premier magazine in Taiwan since 1986, Micro-Electronics covering both semiconductor and test/measurement industries introduces the latest developments and trends in electronic products. The publication’s main thrust is to provide readers with detailed technical discussions, wide coverage of applications and close examination of the new products affecting the course of the global electronics industry. Website: http://www.mem.com.tw


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